Sep 05

Very Fast Road Legal E-Scooter Night Ride

Jun 02

T112+ Dual 5600 Scooter

It’s about as fast as it gets in the world of electric scooters!

Jun 17

Fastest Electric Scooter? Viper 2-Wheel Drive Review.

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Sep 17

UberScoot ~ Still Going!

Sep 28

HTC HD2 Dual boot

The HTC HD2 was launched in 2009 and was a game changer in the world of smartphones. Originally loaded with the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system Here, I show you how to have both the newer Windows Phone AND any Android OS. You can choose when you turn on the phone!

Sep 27

UberScoot Ride

May 26

Smartwatch Demo 2/2

Latest Smartwatch running Android 4.1.1 JB. Surprisingly good quality and great performance, all for the price of a mid-range Casio!

May 21

Smartwatch Demo 1/2

Quick review of my Android smartphone watch, which I’ve been using (wearing) for two years – since 2012. It’s just great.

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Feb 26

Promoting Your Band or Music on MySpace?

Over the last few months I’ve been following discussions from people seeking help on promoting their music online.

I have gathered some of the most common avenues in today’s social media.

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Aug 27

Apple Schmapple.

So, they have successfully sued Samsung and yet Apple’s ‘patented’ ideas go way back…and I’m talking about Symbian, Windows Mobile and her new cousin Windows Phone. Frandroids of Android I like too.

People buying iPhones should surely be suing Apple.

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Jul 22


This Is My Jam is a social music sharing and music discovery service. So what, you might think – we’ve got and Spotify, and the Ping thing in iTunes, because of the rubbish nature of the Apple empire, that nobody uses.

But This Is My Jam is quite different. It invites you to share just one song at any given time, and that becomes your “jam” for up to seven days. When you visit the service, you see a list of your friends “jams”, and hitting play on one of them starts playing them in sequence.

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Dec 29

My top 10 of the Worst Managerial Blurby-Stuff of 2012

Please let us see the back of these gruesome expressions in 2012. Some of these wink sound bytes unwink probably date further back than 2012, but I have been lucky enough to avoid them so far. And so I haven’t been infected by the Walking Dead of the suit world.

Let’s brown bag these below…

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Dec 17

Locus of Control

“A locus of control orientation is a belief about whether the outcomes of our actions are contingent on what we do (internal control orientation) or on events outside our personal control (external control orientation).” (Zimbardo, 1985, p. 275) Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 29

Betamax Vs. VHS / MySpace Vs. Facebook – Room for both this time

Look here to get a good comparison of Facebook and MySpace. The thing about both of these online communities is that they can be used to get your information to family and friends. They are both good for reacquainting and keeping in touch with your mates. Though, when you compare the two, you see there are some real differences.

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Nov 12

Reasons to be Blogging 1-2-3

Nov 08

Big Bang and ‘Fido’

I’m not really into explosive sounds that remind me of gunfire or bombs going off, so fireworks don’t do much for me. But this isn’t about me. This is about our canine friends. This past weekend, a nearby neighbour started setting off fireworks and little Kimba got a stricken look on her face. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 08

1st Post Again (After losing 3 years’ worth of blogs)

Blogging down one’s thoughts can sometimes end in bogging them down. Political events, ideological disagreements, rants, apologies, defensive screeds and coverage of techno launches, political scandals and general media excitements have often been the meat, drink, potatoes, peanuts and popcorn of my blogging space, which is fine and well and high and dandy and adorable in its own way (one hopes) but it leaves little time for dilating on the subjects which really move and enliven me. So here is the first of a series of blogulosities in which I try and share a personal delight.