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MRHello and thank you for taking time out to visit me.

Veteran of the payment industry for many years initially at the grass routes laboratory level and later, I specialised on helping to make EMV smartcard payments happen for payment schemes such as Visa, MasterCard as well as banks and national standards bodies.

I was part of a global team that made Chip & PIN happen in the UK and put the building blocks in place internationally by establishing infrastructure enhancements to support future payments. Whenever I take my bank card out of my wallet and  ‘dip’ or ‘tap’ it in almost any shop, I draw satisfaction on knowing I played a small part in making this all possible!

I am currently unavailable for payment consultancy work. Please contact me to discuss.

Remaining time is spent as follows:

  1. Writing articles both tech and general observations on life – list of journals to follow..WTS
  2. Strumming, slapping and picking anything with 4 strings
  3. Watching the Thames Estuary ebb and flow
  4. Music production and soundscaping
  5. Beachcombing with my dog

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