Aug 27

Apple Schmapple.

So, they have successfully sued Samsung and yet Apple’s ‘patented’ ideas go way back…and I’m talking about Symbian, Windows Mobile and her new cousin Windows Phone. Frandroids of Android I like too.

People buying iPhones should surely be suing Apple.

I still believe in Windows Mobile, a technology that was the launchpad for all smartphones.

Windows Mobile is the Frankenstein’s monster of mobile phone operating systems  — hideously misshapen, yet powerfully intelligent, it spends its time outrunning the fiery torches of disgruntled users and mobile phone reviewers. It doesn’t have the cachet of the iphone, the ubiquity of Symbian or the geek chic of Android, and it’s the calling card of suits who wear pleated trousers and mobile phone holsters– it’s so square it makes BlackBerrys look cool.

But there is one advantage to WinMo’s attempt to recreate your PC in your pocket — it’s the greatest mobile app platform on the planet. You thought Apple invented the app for a little baby called the iPhone? Forget it. Compared to the iPhone OS or even open-source Android, WinMo is the king, because it’s dead easy to develop for, and you can stick almost any program on it.

Me? I still have the greatest phone which is the HTC HD2.

Oh…and I can also run 3 different Android Operating Systems as well as WinMo and WinPhone.

I believe with Apple you can just run, uh, Apple>!

Keep pumping your cash towards Apple. They need it.


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