Sep 05

Very Fast Road Legal E-Scooter Night Ride

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  1. Paul Thomassen

    Re electric scooter any ideas how I get one into Australia as legally law on e scooters is max 200watt .th

    1. Marcus Roberts

      Hi Paul. It can be shipped globally. As far as local use is concerned, I guess the same applies in all countries and you could claim it’s for use on private land.

  2. Paul Thomassen

    Thankyou for response very helpful ,the scooter as shown did you do changes re lights & toggle switch ,gps etc or can I request that when ordering

  3. Marcus Roberts

    I changed all that after the scooter arrived. You can probably request that from FLJ – but I doubt they would fit a tracker as this is a subscription service registered to the user. Also, the toggle switch to bypass the side lighting requires some drilling and re-wiring. They would probably do that as they are quite amenable.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for that much appreciated enjoy your scooter.

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