Jun 17

Fastest Electric Scooter? Viper 2-Wheel Drive Review.

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  1. FAZAL

    Thanks for this wonderful article about the FASTEST electric scooter available on the market. This article is very helpful for a beginner like me, you have included all the necessary info. After reading, I have decided to pick VIPER2. What do you say about it?

    1. Marcus Roberts

      Hi and thanks for watching. I’m not aware of the Viper 2, but maybe this is the newer version of this Viper available end-November which is even more powerful- 2 x 1600w motors! It costs £1600 and it’s identical to this Viper 2000 apart from the larger motors. I think that is certainly worth considering and is still cheaper than the rivals. Cheers!

      1. fazalabbas128

        Thanks for your reply Marcus.

        1. Marcus Roberts

          More than welcome. Please keep watching – I now have a 5600w 60v 35Ah scooter that I hope to review and post. Thanks.

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