Feb 26

Promoting Your Band or Music on MySpace?

Over the last few months I’ve been following discussions from people seeking help on promoting their music online.

I have gathered some of the most common avenues in today’s social media.

MySpace has been the heart and soul of most indie music marketing campaigns over the last 5 years or so. Some bands have even “made it” almost exclusively as a result of MySpace Marketing.

The truth however is that for the most part, at least in my opinion, bands and musicians have been using MySpace the wrong way all this time.

Rather then simply adding thousands and thousands of friends in the hope that they will listen to your tunes and be so inspired that they spontaneously run out and buy your album, it is much more beneficial to view MySpace as a way to make initial contact with a potential fan.

The goal being to send them to your squeeze page so that you might ultimately get them to sign up for your list, as email marketing is a far superior method of generating album sales then comments and messages that really don’t amount to much more than Spam.

It’s How You Market Yourself That Matters! 

The short answer to the question is that yes, I do think promoting your band on MySpace is still relevant but I think an adjustment of the mindset is necessary to really make it worth your while. Because in the end, any traffic generating technique is relevant, be it MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or even just good old fashion live shows, as long as you’re making that traffic count by capturing it in some way so that you can develop a relationship with the individuals and ultimately market you music to them over and over again down the line.


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