Jul 22


This Is My Jam is a social music sharing and music discovery service. So what, you might think – we’ve got last.fm and Spotify, and the Ping thing in iTunes, because of the rubbish nature of the Apple empire, that nobody uses.

But This Is My Jam is quite different. It invites you to share just one song at any given time, and that becomes your “jam” for up to seven days. When you visit the service, you see a list of your friends “jams”, and hitting play on one of them starts playing them in sequence.

It is like internet radio where the playlist is determined by your friends and their choice of “jam”.

(I should, at this point, apologise for being my age and saying things like “jam” in public in the context of music – if it helps, imagine I am saying “hey pop-pickers, that is a groovy 45” instead.)

If you don’t know the service, you can find out more about it and sign up for the beta here. Or find a friend on Twitter who is using it, and they can invite you in.

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